Application on greens for preventative control of Pythium blight, root-infecting Pythium spp. and anthracnose: both basal rot and foliar blight.

• Enhanced Stressgard Formulation Technology for proven plant health effects:
– Optimized formulation reduces oxidative stress
– Recovery from mechanical damage (i.e. aeration, scalping)
– Healthier roots, leading to better water and nutrient utilization
– Induced systemic resistance
• Supports earlier spring green-up, turf fill-in, improved colour and density.
• Protects the plant from the adverse effects of UV radiation.
• Wider application window – flexible rate structure allows for applications on 7-21 day intervals.
• No documented disease resistance.
• Upwards and downwards systemic mobility.
• Documented turf safety with applications in high temperatures.

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