Par III (Par 3)

PAR III® the most trusted name in golf course and turf management, is a broad-spectrum herbicide specially formulated to control hard-to-kill annual and perennial weeds in turfgrass. PAR III is ideal for golf courses, parks, lawns, sports fields and other turf applications where weeds cause aesthetic and durability problems. Used in a twice-yearly maintenance program, PAR III keeps turfgrass free of tough problem weeds such as dandelion, poison ivy, clovers and ground ivy.

  • No soil residual activity on weeds
  • Two applications per season are all that is needed under good turf/lawn management
  • Contains three active ingredients – 2,4-D, mecoprop-P, and dicamba, mixed proportionately to control the widest range of weeds
  • Water based product, and is sequestered so that it mixes easily with hard and soft spray water