8-0-4 +10% CA+SI+B SILI-KAL B

Sili-Kal BTM is a high calcium product combined with nitrogen and potassium for increased strength, heat tolerance, and turf rigidity.

8-0-4+10% Ca+Si+B

Unique Qualities

  • A unique combination product that includes calcium, boron, silicon, potassium and nitrogen.
  • Contains proprietary organic facilitators, formulated to keep calcium in solution and plant available. Calcium is important for strong cell walls, abiotic stress tolerance, and biotic pest resistance.
  • Calcium is relatively immobile once absorbed by plants, therefore foliar Ca applications ensure adequate concentrations in emerging leaf tissue.
  • Sand root zones can be low in plant available calcium. Properly chelated and foliar absorbed calcium is an effective method of increasing calcium tissue content.

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