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An improved creeping red fescue that really spreads. 



Garnet is a tough, persistent, endophyte enhanced variety that is well adapted to deep shade, hot summers, lower fertility soils, higher salt conditions, and lower maintenance situations. Garnet has a pleasing dark green color, medium fine leaf texture, and will spread by producing long underground rhizomes and large numbers of basal tillers under favorable conditions. Garnet is very persistent and has improved heat and drought tolerance. It is a semi-dwarf type variety with a medium growth rate. 




Windward Chewings Fescue Seed › Pickseed › Fescue ›




Windward, (tested as Pick FRC A-93) is an elite new  variety of chewings fescue developed at the Pickseed research facility. Windward was thoroughly tested in the 1999-2002 fine fescue NTEP turf trial with excellent results.


Windward is a tough, long lived, endophyte enhanced  chewings fescue with excellent adaptation to shade, low fertility and acid soils. It is a 4 clone synthetic variety, with the parent plants selected for outstanding adaptation to severe turf usage conditions in the Northeast and Midwestern U.S. Windward has a combination of color, quality, and disease resistance that is superior to nearly all other commercially available varieties of chewings fescue. 


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