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Focus creeping bentgrass has demonstrated excellent resistance to dollar spot and other diseases, enabling you to reduce your fungicide applications on greens, tees and fairways. Focus is a product of a PICKSEED and Rutgers cooperative breeding effort, and is the result of many years of development and improvement. 



Focus has been bred for versatility and can be used for tees, greens and fairways. It’s aggressive and produces a dense cover, but is not super aggressive so as to get too “puffy” in growth. It has been bred for adaptability and can be blended with other elite bents such as MacKenzie, Ninety-Six Two and other modern varieties. It has a medium dark-green color, with a finer leaf texture and good density. 




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Futura Fairway creeping bentgrass blend is a blend of improved and genetically diverse creeping bentgrass varieties selected to provide high fairway performance at a competitive price.


  Futura Fairway combines two bentgrass varieties, MacKenzie and Sandhill, to give you broad genetic diversity and excellent adaptability. Planting a blend of bentgrasses can improve your course and should be a regular part of any fairway maintenance program. The regular addition of bentgrass seed helps in the battle against Poa annua and speeds up recovery from any damage.

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Futura Pro creeping bentgrass blend is designed to produce superior golf course greens under a range of environmental and maintenance conditions.





Futura Pro combines two top-rated bentgrass varieties from PICKSEED – MacKenzie and Tyee. Research studies have shown that blends often perform better than the individual cultivars alone, because they ensure a broad genetic base that capitalizes on the strengths of the different varieties. These varieties were selected to provide genetic diversity, outstanding turf quality and a uniform playing surface under varying maintenance conditions and environmental stresses. 



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A product of Pickseed research, in cooperation with Rutgers, MacKenzie creeping bentgrass (tested as SRX1 GPD) is Pickseed’s newest variety of creeping bentgrass. MacKenzie was developed as a multi-use variety, to perform well under severe summer stress conditions at green, tee and fairway height. 



MacKenzie was developed by Dr. Leah Brilman, working in  cooperation with Rutgers. The original clones were selected and screened from plants selected from high stress
environments. All parent material used for MacKenzie was selected to produce deep roots and to thrive under extreme conditions of summer heat and disease stress. After many years of testing and refinement, MacKenzie was entered into the 2003 NTEP trials and demonstrating excellent performance, was released for commercial production in 2006. 




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